Developed over 10 years, with over 20 million clinically approved messages and over 20 independent clinical studies


Flo is a persona based digital tool to support patient engagement and extend the reach of clinicians using intelligent text messages

67% clinicians said that Flo had aided their clinical decision making



Florence is a low-cost
low-risk innovation
with a strong track record

Ben Collins – The King’s Fund

The confidence and self belief that Diane has now got has been very evident, she had something to work towards with a plan of care

Michelle Denyer – Lead Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse 

When using Flo NPV (savings) over 10 years is between £26m and £28m per 100 patients

Margaret Whoriskey – Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Health Innovation


About Florence

More than just text messaging!

Florence is beautifully simple for patients with all interactions via text messaging. Flo prefers text messaging – she can also use apps or email – but the evidence is clear: text messages are the easiest for patients and the most inclusive technology across society.

The reason Flo appears so simple is down to the intelligent use of algorithms and empathetic way she interacts; each ‘conversation’ is tailored to that patient. The Florence persona-based approach has been developed and refined through over 100 independent clinical studies and is proven to change patient behaviour and to increase adherence.

‘Behind the scenes’ clinicians access the Florence portal to quickly and easily set up and configure pathways and intelligent messages; the portal also provides powerful data tracking patient engagement and responses that can be used to prioritise or triage work.

How does Flo actually change patient behaviour?

Over 10 years and through 20+ million patient interactions the team has refined Flo’s human-like persona to create a positive relationship with the individual patient. Of course, patients know that Flo is not a human, but she drives adherence by;

  • providing friendly advice = educating the patient
  • by nudging and celebrating success = motivating the patient
  • and by capturing data visible to the clinician = holding patient to account
  • Also, she never forgets, she is never on holiday…

Key to behaviour change and extending the clinician’s reach is the ease at which Flo can be configured and personalised.

How can you configure or personalise Flo? 

Flo gives clinicians the best of both worlds: tried and tested pathways can be taken ‘off-the-shelf’ or, as is usually the case, pathways from the library are tweaked and configured for local needs or specific patient cohorts.  Click here for overview of existing pathways.

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