Pathway: Heart failure

Supporting clinical decision making in hypertension diagnosis, titration of medication and regular review of stable hypertension patients

Acute Care

Supporting pre-admission assessment BP reading from home to reduce cancelled operations due to white coat hypertension.

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Community Care

Supporting identification of patients at risk of hypertension though community delivered health check schemes.

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General Practice Care

Supporting diagnosis of hypertension through twice daily BP readings from home. Medication titration for newly diagnosed patients and long term monitoring for stable hypertension.

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Clinical evidence by NHS Lothian’s Scale-Up BP Team led by Professor Brian McKinstry

  • 19% fewer face-to-face appointments, compared with 11% fewer in patients with hypertension who were not supported by Florence
  • Total consultation time for participants fell by 15.4 minutes, compared with 5.5 minutes in patients not supported by Florence
  • The evaluation subgroup of 8 practices (905 patients) demonstrated clinical value in that BP fell in the intervention group: a mean systolic BP reduction of 6.55 mm Hga mean diastolic BP by 4.23 mm Hg

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