Flo enables patients to live healthier, more independent lives

Fewer visits to GPs and hospitals

Gain confidence to better manage your health

Develop an independent, active lifestyle

“I think it’s fantastic. It took a matter of minutes to set me up on the system”

98% prefer to send their readings from home using Flo

“Flo reminded me to keep on top of my medication”

100% would recommend Flo to a friend or family member

“It’s kept me out of hospital”

100% of patients have more confidence in managing their health using Flo

Flo has helped over 200,000 patients, with over 100 independent clinical studies proving that she works!

How can Flo support my healthcare?

A patient and nurse conversation discussing the benefits of using Flo

Want to use Flo?

Ask your clinical team!

This could be your nurse, GP, therapist or consultant. If the are not currently offering Flo, ask them to contact us

Easy to set up

It’s very easy to get started. Your healthcare team will take a few details, including your phone number, and assign you to the right care plan or protocol, and that’s it!

Want to use Flo?

Flo requires a just a basic mobile phone to get started, using accessible and trusted SMS technology. All messages are free in the UK