Health Trainers: Initiation of Pre-Hypertension Diagnosis Initial Raised Blood Pressure Monitoring Liverpool CCG (E017)

Liverpool CCG have effectively utilised the role of the Health Trainer to enable effective hypertension diagnosis or exclusion in primary care.

Health Trainers play a frontline role in helping people to develop healthier lifestyles and offer practical advice and support to change behaviours in support of agreed goals. The role was identified in Liverpool as an opportunity to initiate the use of Flo when an initial raised blood pressure was identified. Rather than referral to the GP based upon readings taken on the day, patients now report blood pressure readings to Flo twice daily for 7 days supported by a self-management plan providing the GP with more information upon which to make their diagnosis or exclusion.

Patient satisfaction has been high with 95.6% of patients confirming that they would recommend the service t their family and friends, and 94.5% preferring to send their readings via Flo than go to the practice.

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Liverpool CCG Health trainers Flo poster

(E017) Liverpool CCG Initial high BP reading v2 protocol flow chart

(E017) Liverpool CCG Initial high BP reading v2 protocol message schedule

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