Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – Safe full-term pregnancies with Flo

Victoria Bowman Midwife 

Anita Brockbank Diabetes Specialist Midwife 

Royal Victoria Infirmary – Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 

Midwife Victoria in this short video explains how Flo engages women to feel more in control, resulting in reduced anxiety, better use of clinical time and have less need of prescriptions.  Victoria goes on to talk about how there are fewer babies being born in extreme percentile ranges as pregnancies are lasting longer due to better control of diabetes during pregnancy.

“We use Florence to enable surveillance of maternal blood glucose levels at home for those with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy (GDM). Once consented, women are reminded twice daily to send in their blood glucose readings. When two high results occur, women are prompted to make contact with their Diabetes Specialist Midwife or Nurse and discuss their results to determine what changes can be made and whether treatment is necessary. The professional can also receive an email notification of the result, allowing them to then make contact with the woman.

Florence empowers women and gives them responsibility to manage their own care.  By utilising a commonly used communication method i.e texting, with the unique properties of Flo’s persona,  Flo is breaking down barriers to communication that can often be present, particularly with patients for whom English isn’t their first language.  Patient feedback suggests most feel it is easy and convenient to use, increases confidence in managing their diabetes, saves them time and that they would use Flo if they developed GDM in subsequent pregnancies.

Florence is reducing call times to GDM women and therefore is cost effective and allows time to be managed more effectively.  More time can now be dedicated to women who need the most support.  Women are more aware of their blood glucose levels and are communicated with in real-time, which enhances patient safety and pregnancy outcomes, working in partnership with women.”

Patient Quotes;

“Highly recommended” 

“Very impressed with the Florence system – found it very supportive.”

“Fantastic because I can just use my phone and it is reassuring knowing that my midwife can access my results any time”

“Florence helped me monitor my diabetes and keep record of BG readings. Also vital saving time and made it easier than ringing twice a day”

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