General Practice


Supporting clinicians in general practice to deliver sustained improvements to clinical outcomes for patients with long term conditions.

Simple inhaler reminders for patients with asthma to improve adherence to treament and inform clinicians to facilitate better prescribing.

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Smoking Cessation
Educational pathways to support patients who are looking to stop smoking including lifestyle and habit forming messages.

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Encouragement for patients to improve levels of physical activity to improve overall health and wellbeing.

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Patient information and education alongside regular self-reporting of symptoms allowing early identification of exacerbation and supporting appropriate use of rescue medication.

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Heart Failure
Self-reporting weight and vitals reading, tracking trends in rapid gains to support early identification and intervention.

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Mental health
Low level interventions to support patients who have presented at GPs with depression/anxiety during the intervening period between initial appointment and subsequent assessment/referral to mental health services.

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Improving medication compliance and regular testing to inform and facilitate quarterly/annual GP reviews.

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Supporting diagnosis of hypertension through twice daily BP readings from home. Medication titration for newly diagnosed patients and long term monitoring for stable hypertension.

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