Pathway: Diabetes


Motivating patients to better understand and engage with self-management and monitoring of their diabetes

Acute Care
Supporting patients with gestational diabetes to submit their blood glucose reading from home facilitating more appropriate and less frequent visits to hospital clinics.

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Community Care
Regular blood glucose monitoring at home by the patient to help reduce number of district/community nurse visits required.

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General Practice Care
Improving medication compliance and regular testing to inform and facilitate quarterly/annual GP reviews.

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3 reasons to book a Florence demo


  • Reduction in patient contact time resulting in increased capacity for clinicians

  • Timely intervention by clinicians helping to avoid admissions and ambulance call outs

  • Improved patient blood glucose control

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    Slide BG remote monitoring results in no further hospital admissions or ambulance call outs BG control allowed surgery to go ahead as planned Previously disengaged patient reduces HbA1c from 13.5% to 6.9% with Flo Patient controls diabetes and reaches weight loss goal