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Flo is proven to help clinicians work smarter and have more fulfilling patient encounters

"Nurse visits reduced by 33%"

100+ independent clinical studies

"100% of GPs said Flo aided decisions"

Over 100 pathways

"Patient engagement increased 10-fold"

Easy to configure for local needs

Flo only takes a few minutes to set up, but saves clinicians’ hours

Watch our video with NHS Western Isles lead nurse Debra Vickers discussing the clinical team benefits and patient feedback since implementing Florence.

Clinically proven

Flo is proven to be clinically effective and validated by over 100 independent clinical studies. Supported by a vibrant peer-to-peer clinical community of practice to share ideas and best practice

Start building your own pathways today

Flo gives clinicians the best of both worlds: tried and tested pathways can be taken ‘off-the-shelf’ and  configured for local needs or specific patient cohorts, or new pathways can easily be deployed.  Click here for overview of existing pathways.

Florence protocol features:

  • Can be closed loop requiring no clinical monitoring at all 
  • Can be monitored as clinically appropriate 
  • Where clinical review is required on a specific schedule Florence raise’s a notification notifying the clinical team when the patient’s data requires attention 
  • No need to check in on routine monitored patients between clinical reviews 
  • If a patient specified trend occurs, such as two very high blood pressures or rapid weight gain or loss, Florence highlights the patient without the need for the clinician to monitor individual records between routine reviews
  • Florence provides an effortless solution to monitor and track a patient’s self reported data and symptoms as an augmentation of their prescribed self care plan. Flo closely fits clinical regimen for a   whole cohort or an individual patient, automatically reinforcing a clinicians guidance. 

Deliver sustainable outcomes & behavior change:

  • Improve adherence to self care regimen 
  •   Engage & educate patients 
  •   Change behaviour & form healthy habits 
  •   Reduce anxiety & loneliness 
  •   Improve mental health 
  •   Reduce clinician workload 
  •   Record and track biometric data & symptoms 

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