Add Florence to your Hypertension Monitoring Programme

Detect and Treat Hypertension with Florence BP@Home


Florence is a persona based smart messaging tool which prompts, nudges, reminds and motivates patients to create healthy, long-term habits. Its clinically proven to increase patient self-management and improve clinical outcomes.

The BP@Home solution is an evidenced based best practice pathway to detect and treat hypertension, improve patient outcomes and support healthcare professionals.

Use your PCN IIF fund to create new capacity in support of the work to manage Hypertension in your population. 

"BP@Home is just the start of the efficiencies Florence can deliver. These BP protocols are the most evidenced based"
Dr Jonathan Serjeant


  • Provides a solution for multiple cohorts of patients
  • Results in better outcomes
  • Releases clinical capacity 
  • Improves clinician experience 
  • Improves patient experience
  • Fast and simple implementation 

SAVE £16,800

Across a PCN with 50,000 patients

SAVE 20 minutes

Per patient of HCA time

Increases adherence

Increase patients adherence to take medication

How does the Pathways Work?

The BP@Home pathway provides a solution for multiple cohorts of patients with its three protocols, which can be combined or used separately, depending on the need:

  • Diagnosis and Identification
  • Safe Titration of Hypertension medication
  • Routine Hypertension Monitoring of your popultion

Patients will need to be given an approved BP at home monitor before commencing this service.

  1.  Patient’s can self-subscribe by simply texting ‘BP’ to a designated telephone number, or cohorts of patients can be added to the pathway directly
  2.  Patient will be requested to submit BP readings over the agreed period of time
  3.  Readings are automatically analysed and patients are then given self-management or signposting information

All readings will be available on the Florence web-based platform where you can easily see risk stratified case load with patients highlighted in Red, Amber or Green depending on where their readings align to the thresholds.

Three Hypertension Protocols Under the BP@Home Pathways

Diagnosis and Identification

  • Interactive engagement methods
  • Prompts patients to take and accurately record BP
  • Nudges patients’ to follow their prescribed regimen 
  • Reinforcing healthcare professional advice

Safe Titration of Hypertension Medication

  • Titration range can be set for each individual patient

Routine Hypertension Monitoring of your population

  • Can be set for each individual patient
  • Sustainable, safe and automated approach to remotely track BP against distinct ranges
  • Engages patients 
  • Targeted advice and actions from their prescribed self-care plan
Beyond BP@Home

If your patients are diagnosed with Hypertension, Florence will continue to support them to increase behavioural activation around self-management.

Our Hypertension pathway is clinically proven to reduce blood pressure over time (see graph below) and increase mediation adherence.


Click here for the full clinical evidence paper and you can find more papers within our ‘Clinical Evidence‘ section

Not only that, Florence can offer you a library of more than 100+ pathways that enable patients to improve their own health, wellbeing and confidence. Supporting self-management of a huge variety of long-term conditions such as Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and lifestyle challenges such as weight management, smoking cessation, anxiety & depression.

Visit our ‘Pathways’ section here on our website for more information.

Our BP@Home pathways are ready to start helping you and your patients right away.