Blood Glucose control allowed surgery to go ahead as planned – 2017

The patient was a 53 year old with type 2 diabetes, who was found to have a tumour in their bladder.  Surgery was scheduled for 29th August 2017 to remove the tumour, and the patient began to take insulin.  As the patient was going in for surgery, it was key that their blood glucose was kept within tight targets.  At this time, the patient’s HbA1c was 9%.

The patient was put onto a basal bolus regime and set up on Florence to help them to monitor their blood glucose.  They would receive advice and feedback from Florence depending on their readings, and the diabetes specialist nurse would receive alerts if the patient’s readings were of concern.

The DSN did not need to arrange any face to face appointments with the patient due to the fact that she was able to remotely monitor their readings using Florence.  Instead, the DSN made three phone calls to the patient to give them extra advice based on their readings. 

This saved time for the DSN, and also meant that the patient didn’t need to go to further appointments, which was more convenient for them.  The patient has also commented that using Florence was helpful and reassuring for them.

The patient’s blood glucose levels are not as stable since surgery, this is to be expected and so they are continuing to use Florence for added support and guidance for the time being.
Main benefits: 

  • Blood Glucose controlled to allow surgery to continue as planned. 
  • Reduced appointments for patients. 
  • Reduction in contact time resulting in increased capacity for clinician. 
  • Patient felt reassured.

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