Acute care

Extending the reach of hospital clinicians to improve patients motivation and capability to self-care, at pre-admission, post discharge and between outpatient clinic visits.


Daily peak flow readings personalised to patients best reading to facilitate earlier patient action around exacerbations and extend the reach of clinicians beyond hospital clinics.

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Supporting patients with gestational diabetes to sumbit their blood glucose reading from home facilitating more appropriate and less frequent visits to hospital clinics

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General Practice Care

Patient information and education alongside regular self-reporting of symptoms allowing early identification of exacerbation and supporting appropriate use of rescue medication.

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Providing confidence and motivation for patients to continue with prescribed exercise safely following hospital discharge.

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Heart Failure

Supporting early discharge from acute care with self-reported symptom and vital signs.

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Supporting pre-admission assessment BP reading from home to reduce cancelled operations due to white coat hypertension.

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Supportive messaging to promote longer and more successful breastfeeding.

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Medication Reminders

Reminds patients to take any medication prescribed following an acute admission at specified times within the day.

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